Andrei Freeman (lordandrei) wrote,
Andrei Freeman

Voice Post

233K 1:13
“Hi. If you're hearing a voice that sounds deeper than usual, that means I'm out of energy. It is 8:00pm - it's actually 8:40 now - but as of 8:00pm we pulled in to the Saint Louis Metropolitan Area. We're really tired. It's been 5 days of driving, 4 and a half legitimately. Iowa was not fun. It rained in Missouri but that's not too bad. That's Aiden in the back. He's running around the hotel merrily. We're letting him run around. I'm really tired. I may have mentioned that. Hopefully food and sleep will return my personality so that tomorrow I can unload a truck. Yay. The nice thing is that the hotel that Cortney got us for this evening, since we can't go to the house, has a recliner. I've decided I need to buy a recliner. I may need to buy this recliner here in the hotel. It makes me happy. I'm ready to lay back and have root canal work, and that's how out of it I am. So a pleasant good-night to everybody. More soon. And hopefully, my voice will return. Bye-bye.”

Transcribed by: tailerouge

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