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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Hello from Higginsville, MO

Somewhere between Odessa and Concordia... we are LIVE on the net. jnanacandra is at the wheel, and Missouri seems to actually have sufficient AT&T coverage to allow me to put on the mobile net.


I've been on the phone with utilities all day. I have learned that the local gas company is a pain in the butt and that all the utilities are really cool.

I've also discovered that SNO PUD (Snohomish County Electric) has pretty much reduced it's phone bank to one person. I've been on hold for the better part of 17 minutes in queue. My window is 17-27 minutes; which means someone should be on the line in about 20 minutes.

I have to say it. I don't believe in Iowa. Even after theoretically driving through it. The drive the whole way has been quite marvellous. The area that is alledged to be Iowa was far slower than anything else along the way. Really bad drivers and horrid construction. The 'lowlight' was trying to find a food stop and taking 2 separate exits marked with food and then having to stop at the Harrah's casino because it was the only place we could find food. Iowa slowed us by about 60-90 minutes.

In the mean time... we're almost to St. Louis. And we're planning to pop the truck around noon Friday and keep pulling stuff until it's empty. (Hopefully, not 3 days like loading)

Don't get me wrong.. the load was amazing! The help loading was fantastic. It's just that loading involved boxing, cleaning and TETRIS.. so it was more work than unloading should be.

So, if you'd like to join the unloading fun this weekend... Comment here, or facebook, or twitter.

Granted the other 20% shows up sometime around Wednesday. :-o

More soon. Going to catch up on twitter.


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*WAVES while humming the Tetris music*

Hola and 93 and such!

You can count on some help from corvus93 and I. We're waaay too aware of how much moving sucks when you don't have anyone to help. We're no good for anything too heavy between my freshish c-section and his ankles (he broke both feet in November), but we can certainly help with boxes and such. Will Saturday work? We have to take Lilyn to meet her crazy grandma in Ste. Genevieve this weekend, and Friday looks easiest that way.

Let us know what you need (we've got some of those "forearm forklifts" if you need 'em.) We're always happy to help a Brother. :)

Absolutely more than happy to have you join us

email me at my lj address or ask Briana to get the home address.

Unloading is *always* faster :)

Enjoy your new home.

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