Andrei Freeman (lordandrei) wrote,
Andrei Freeman

Voice Post

209K 1:07
“Hi there, squirrel. It's been 500 miles since we began this trek, and we've just left a little gas station in miz, eastern Missoula, Montana. We're heading for Butte, or as Heather continues to refer to it "Butt", Montana, and we're making pretty good time. We just actually had our odometer flip over to 77777 and we did it at 77 miles an hour, and because we're geeks, we took a picture of it. Um, yeah, not while driving of course. Things are going well, the boy got about an hour and half of sleep, which made things much easier on us, but he's awake now and playing with the toy that makes noise again. HELP US, PLEASE! More pictures to be posted, and we're on twitter, if you're following the trek please feel free to twitter responses so that we feel like we're not just alone in the middle of Montana. Heather: *giggle* And Heather says hi. Heather: "Hi!". We go. Aiden do you want to say hi? Aiden: "hi". He said hi. That's all, bye bye *cough* Alright now that's all.”

Transcribed by: ladydrakaina

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