Andrei Freeman (lordandrei) wrote,
Andrei Freeman

Dear Diary: Day 2 Mile 121.7

207K 1:07
“It's been a lovely stay in Ellensburg, Washington; which Marco's told me is the windiest city in Washington. And after having loaded our overnight bag, which is a HUGE monstrosity of about 3 suitcases because it's 6 overnight bags in 1, I think he's right that it is the windiest city. We're in the foothills now so it's really not too flat yet. There are some pictures that went up on Facebook this morning from day #1.

Today we're hoping to make it all the way into Montana. So we're going to have a short spit in Idaho at some point. It's really quite the adventure.

In the back, Aiden is playing with a toy that makes lots of noise. I expect it to be thrown through a window by day #3. It's a fun time; we're mellowing out and beginning to shake the effects of the cold we didn't have while packing.

More updates as we go. As always watch Twitter, watch Facebook, the adventure continues. Buhbye!”

Transcribed by: tygeressdenacht

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