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Moving - Status

Happily at this hour I seem to have most of my personality back in tact.

Despite protestations that I am not sick; I am lying. I have picked up the cosmic goo that jnanacandra had last week. This goo is what's been keeping her coughing for about 3 days. It's all settled into her chest.

Last night I lay in bed schnorgling from my one only mostly clogged nostril.

This has been a very hard month on the Freeple clan. Actually, a hard year.

For the record, as of Tuesday I am now officially unemployed. My last day at MSFT came and went.

aiden_freeman's last day at the the Mill Creek La Petite Academy was Friday. Today was packing and loading.

First and foremost: unbelievable thanks to vixenesque93, glitch25 and those thanks don't begin to measure up to the unmeasurable work and assistance of "princekermit.

As I mentioned, this has been a hard month; the week has been worse. We got back from house hunting Saturday. We tried packing all week. Until you start trying to load, you have no idea how badly a job you've done at packing.

Friday afternoon the truck was picked up and dropped into our driveway by "D". The packing continued into the evening until everyone fell asleep. caliban1227 was on hand to help wrangle Aiden Freeman. wavecrest09 was also there to help pack as she is our official truck driver for the week.

By saturday morning, I was pretty spent and sick. But I wasn't sick. Because I couldn't afford to be sick. tzaddi_93 had run for donuts and coffee before 7am. She is a goddess. She also was on hand to make sure that I didn't lose it. (Which was quite a feat)

By noon it was obvious that we were hurting. I tried to push the maids and the carpet cleaner forward a day. I got the carpet cleaner. The maids... they may still show at 7am Sunday. I put a frantic call for help on the interwebs. Things were looking bad.

Around 1 pm we put Aiden into a back bedroom on a cot for a nap. I discovered this made the back bedroom that we are using for non-truck-bound storage.... into quite the successful Zero Room. About this time damianaswan and (S) came by. With the beds broken down; sleeping arrangements needed to be made. tzaddi_93 hit hotwire and reserved us an AMAZING and CHEAP hotel room, less than a 1.25 miles from the house.

Then C and B from the MacBU showed up; each bringing one person with them. Oh, the awesomeness.

At about 6pm we broke and went to dinner (leaving the front door wide open)

So, Where are we? Well, the truck has more loading to do; and we don't have enough room for everything on the truck. (YIGH!)... We are ordering in a pod to bring the remainder to us separately.

We assuredly need all hands on site still tomorrow morning. I'll be there about 8ish. The goal is to have the truck packed, the remainder in the garage, and the house emptied of clutter by 3-4 pm.

Do dinner with those that want and head off Sunday evening.

Sadly this leaves the remainder to be packed in the pods on Monday by tzaddi_93 and princekermit and (ANYONE ELSE WHO CAN HELP) {less than subtle hint}

So if you have free time tomorrow (Sunday) swing by... we'll feed you if you opt to stay.. and it's our last chance for goodbyes.

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