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15 months, cute

(Muffled) Appo Jews?

If you hear any of us making this odd comment over the next few days; I must explain.

We're moving into the final 10 days of packing. As a result I commented yesterday that for the first day or two we'll still be telling people, "No, let's sort... let's arrange"... which of course will be followed by the last 3 days of, "F*@#&K IT, THROW IT IN A BOX"

This of course was followed with me suggesting the following scene..

I tap on a box. I tap on another box. I tap on the third box and a muffled voice says, "Appo Jews?" (tr: Apple Juice)

Ah, that's where the toddler got to.

With this image jnanacandra and tzaddi_93 were convulsing.

Note: No toddlers were actually boxed in the proposal of this humourous potential incident.

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I'm sorry I won't get to see you in the PacNW any time before you move. Congrats on the job, in case I was silent on that count...Will you all still be at Faerieworlds? I'd love to get to see you again! All the best.

I really enjoy the idea that he'd be more concerned about getting apple juice than escaping the box.

I can so see you doing that. Got a good belly laugh out of that one, daddy-o. :-)

Just make sure not to pack the toddler in the same box as the cat.

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