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Andrei in the office

T-24 Days: Status, Moving, Get Stuff!

I realise that not only isn't everyone on FaceBook or Twitter; that some actively avoid it. I get it. I don't go near MySpace for example.

That being said; I am utilising FaceBook and Twitter extensively this month for the process of moving.

Item 1: Truck loading day

Last evening I posted my call for Truck loading help.

I will be loading the truck the weekend of the 27th-29th. And I can use ALL hands on deck. I will be feeding and libating all that come by. Granted; if I know in advance... it helps me with getting the food in advance.

If you are on Facebook, head on over to the event page at and sign up. Even if you can only come for a short while; any time is beyond appreciated. If you're not sure.. tick the "maybe" on the RSVP.

If you don't like Facebook; drop a comment here.

Item 2: Take it away

THIS WEEEKEND: March 14th and 15th... We are having a massive packing and garage-ish sale, open house. Craft supplies, Books, Tables, TVs, Sofa, Bikes, Knick-Knacks, Chotchkies... And the cost to you is dragging it off. Donations accepted.

Come by, help box, get fed, or just rummage. We have a Lava Lamp ready for a new home!

Come one come all :)

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Not sure what I can drag away. I wimped out last time.

Count on me for schlepage on the evening of the 27th and possibly the morning of the 28th. I have a wedding to go to that evening, so it won't be late.

Do you mean "craft" supplies?

Of course. Isn't that what I typed?

*cough cough* ;)

Re: Craft supplies?

"Daddy, what are these long balloons?"
"Why, my dear, those are...Magic Wand Protectors. To protect your wand. In the rain. Yeah."

You are a sick, sick man. :)

I don't really want to use FaceCIADataMiningBook, any more than MyMigraneInducingSpace. I'm even starting to have trust issues with LJ.

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you.

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