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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

One man's journey from infinity to nothingness

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Andrei in the office

Daily Twittering

  • 12:52 Suspect is upgrading to Jott's new pay service only to have their entire service and website go down 2 minutes after you signed up. Timing!! #
  • 13:19 @T_Tommy I really hope Jott hasn't just gone out of business; I just updated to the pay service. #
  • 13:20 @fraserspeirs How much storage is sitting there in the picture? I saw one labeled 1T, so you've gotta easily have a bunch there. #
  • 13:54 And now I must run an errand to Redmond. Despite road warnings. :-/ #
  • 14:17 Okay. To hell with errands. Daycare has early closure. Getting the boy. Will probably take an hour to go 11 miles and another hr. back. #
  • 14:36 Scary, scary weather so much for Aaron, going to day care.
    tinyurl.com/bdlk89 #
  • 15:04 Just arrived at daycare. Hiways are clear #
  • 15:18 And now the attempt to get home. #
  • 17:08 "Been caught stealing" came on the radio. Aiden in the back responded, "Puppy!" #
  • 17:10 Aiden found a file box Courtney is packing. When we told him it was hers, he put the cover on, picked it up, and took it to her room. #
  • 18:06 @jephjacques There's a relatively easy way to do it on the mac if you have unix shell experience or bbedit. I could probably do it for you. #
  • 20:01 Voracious boy! Half a chicken sub and a half bagel AND a bowl of chicken noodle soup AND two cheese whips. Growth spurt, anyone??!?! Whoa!  #
  • 20:05 Happy mail day. Lots of info on my work town, the flight harness for Aiden, AND Flatland the animated film. Which is awesome! Heroes, 1 hr!! #
  • 20:12 @moon_ferret amen and thank you! The ladies of the house have been pouring over the information. There's sushi in Chesterfield! Woot! Yay!! #
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Don's son calls "Been Caught Stealing" the doggie song.

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