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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

T-29 days and counting: Calendar!!!!

Crazy? Naaaaah!

I have put up our public calendar on GCal at http://is.gd/lXTs (Gods, I love is.gd! The full link realllly SUCKS!)

We have solid move dates. We are packing a 26ish foot truck with everything except the piano over the weekend of the 27th-29th. Hopefully we're done late Saturday, Early Sunday. As we must to be doing a huge clean as well.

We pull out Monday and then unpack in St. Louis (at an address we don't even have yet!) the following weekend April 3rd thru 5th. (Yeah.. happy b'day me :-/ )

Please look at our schedule. It'll give you an idea when to drop by to help box, take stuff away (We gots furniture) and of course.. moving day where we need as many folks as we can muster. (We'll be getting rid of a 1/2 tonne of alcohol and food that day and wall to wall snacks.)

For those of you that we barely know on the StL side... We need to muster help too. We'll be unloading everything and will have the remaining 1/2 tonne of alcohol and pizza and other stuph. Any help and suggestions are welcomed. What better way to meet new people than to see them at their worst while you unload their stuff!?!?

Forthcoming will be a web page with the stuff we are getting rid of that people can come and claim. Often for the price of you getting it out of the house.

More coming. Now an hour behind on everything.


(Both an expression of chaos and a random call out for no reason to one of the people in the universe I hold very dear in my heart)

Off for a box run

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I am trying to think of what might make the drive fun for Aiden. Is he going to ride in the truck?

He'll be in the car. We're trying to think of ways to entertain him too. Already planning to take the drive slow with plenty of stops for him to run around. We'll probably play movies on a laptop for him. I keep looking for one of those trays that sits over a carseat and makes it easier to draw, etc., but haven't had luck so far.

How are you doing? I've got all of Aiden's old baby stuff set aside for you should you be able to make it out this weekend. If not, I might be able to bring it by your house (barring the excessive amounts of headless chicken running about that's been going on here).

I think its crayola that makes a thing for the lap with a lid/tray that slides off for storage. They also make art sets that only color on the paper. We used them both for travel with our boys when they were younger.

we have the art set :) I'll look for their lap desk, thanks for the pointer!

Hmm, if'n it'd help, I'd be able to shuttle stuff over to R-mond Monday afternoon, between helping you w/packing or whatever and fetching lightfoote after work as he's volunteered to help out then (assuming you've got stuff for him 'n' me to do).

Oh, we will find stuff for you to do, never fear! :)

And the shuttling could work! I was trying to figure out if I would have time/ability to do it, and I just don't know....

Cool! What time on Monday shall I come over?

What time works best for you?

We'll be here and working from 9:30am on... I have an appointment from noon to one but Andrei will still be here, so it's really pretty flexible!

Unless you know he doesn't EVER get carsick I'd be careful with the drawing/reading....sometimes drawing or looking at books can trigger the barfs. We are lucky that especially on long car/plane trips Alexander just sleeps. Glad you are doing it slow with fun stops!

blot--we have a bunch of aiden's old stuff for you too ;-)

wow you are reallly moving.....

New job?

*has missed the new*

Hey, if want ideas about decent neighborhoods etc, from folks who have lived there more recently than me, I can hook you up with A&E.

The places I used to think were way cool maybe have gentrified (Euclid) and Clayton (first suburb outside the city) is probably still got good schools and fancy houses.

A&E can tell you about southern neighborhoods. I think the neighborhood my brother used to live in is probably pretty good too. Anyway, if you're interested let me know...

Put the Relo pack in the mail today with a second one with some fun stuff for you guys as a family.

We have a 14 and 15 year old that I allow to be press ganged for unloads. Just point and explain. With small words.

I am sad you are leaving the NW as that is some place we dream about moving, but we are more than ready to welcome you here! I can send you our phone numbers if you need them for help.

Euclid I would love to live on, but don't like the school district. If you could get a place in Clayton, do it. It is a great school district and place to live. Heck, I would even do U City if I was planning to home school. Not sure what you guys have agreed on. Homeschooling opens up a lot of good places to live with iffy schools.

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