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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office


If you follow my twitter/facebook you'll notice I've been quite the past few days.

It is true. I am again to be reemployed in the not too distant future in the far off lands of St. Louis. Well, not too far off if you live there.

A few people got the impression I was definitely going there, when we went out the weekend before last for a weekend of interview, sick toddler, and s00j surprising. Honestly, it was just an interview and after having been out of work for 14 months; I don't get excited over an on-site interview.

This is a huge move for us. This will be a huge experience for Aiden (that he's likely to soon forget).

And that means... it's moving time again.

We put the call out to all folks in Seattle (and to St. Louis.. of which we know like 4 people informally)... Any help is welcome and will be happily rewarded. Boxing, packing, eating of copious pizza, and other such thanks. Boxes, etc...

We'll also be throwing a huge 'garage sale/take our extra stuff for free party.' - We're getting rid of a tonne of stuff and we'd rather see it go to friends than goodwill or the dump.

If you are interested in helping an ANY way whatsoever.. please comment here, facebook, twitter... And we'll show you the schedule. It's going to be a WIIILLLLD month of March.

More forthcoming.


Edit I was out of work for 14 months the LAST time I was looking for a job. This one seems to have been muuuuuch shorter. I've been cautious from the history as well as the economy.

Sorry ;)

I don't live in St. Louis, but I do live in Grey Niche, which includes Memphis, where my ex-boyfriend used to live, who now lives in St. Louis, so we're really practically neighbors! You know, if you don't think too hard... and drink a lot.

Congratulations! and wow that's a fast turn around.. I'll keep an eye out for your scheduling to see if I can come and help.

I recommend calling your local big chain movie store on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to see if you can pick up packing materials from them (boxes, plastic air bags for cushioning).

Also, I might be interested in snatching up "take our extra stuff away for free" things since it looks like I'm hoping to be furnishing my own place in the near-ish future. Unfortunately, getting up to your area is impossible until after this quarter is over and difficult after that. But let me know and I'll see what I can manage?

Wow, best of wishes! I'm still unemployed for the time being but hope that re-employment may not require as extreme a change in circumstance. ;-)


Hope to see ya in Chicago sometime too!

Will be so much quieter without the Freeples, though. :(
Although I am sure St. Louis will be an amazing shift!
Universe giving us what we need when we need it and all.

My love at you. Let me know what the moving schedule is and I'd be glad to help out in any way I am able.