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Andrei in the office

Daily Twittering

  • 08:25 Morning. Boy fed and watered. Cat fed and watered. Girl has declined red bull.looking at laidoffcamp online #
  • 08:31 - A boy and his new favourite pasttime: #
  • 09:43 More snow. Downed line near on home rd. Slows traffic #
  • 12:57 Online chats so far this week with two incredibly old friends (35 yrs). Next stage phone screen tomorrow morning. #
  • 13:17 iPhoto 09. Faces, places and Facebook are amazing. But my bug and feature request list is already up to two pages. Maybe I can get a job :?) #
  • 13:50 Almost forgot about my 2pm "deal with the life crap" appt. #
  • 15:21 Heya @livingartist drop me a text msg to my cell for my afternoon agenda. #
  • 15:21 Well that was an interestin meeting #
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