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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

One man's journey from infinity to nothingness

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Andrei in the office

She... (free form poetry)

She... wants me to call to keep up, but she only wants me as a resource.
She... wants me to see she's an adult, but she still wants to depend on me in times of need.
She... wants me to see her on her own, but she will not take the first steps
She... wants me to provide the answers, bur she doesn't want me to ask the questions
She... wants me to succeed on my own, but she wants me to pay for her needs
She... wants me to remember her fondly, but wants her memories back
She... wants me to know that we're not friends, but wants me to help her life crises
She... wants me to be who I am, but she wants to help me change
She... wants me to think her not flakey, but she keeps one in 15 meetings
She... wants me to hear her problems, but she doesn't want to tell me them

She wants alot of me...I wonder what I am allowed to want of her?


This is not representative of any single person I know. It's more flashes that I've gone thru.

Just the ramblings that come forth when I'm tired and bored at work.

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Well, I'm glad she's not real. As famed canadian funnyman Mike Myers would say, "she sounds like a psycho hose-beast". As I would say: romantic relationships are sucky at best. Better to have lots of good friends then occasionally pick one to have sex with.

Wow! That's good advice, but I'll never do that. As a longtime phonesex gal, I think men are too crazy to be that casual with them. I've heard enough evil man-talk to send me screaming to an Indigo Girls concert. But dammit, I just LOVE men anyway.

What a horrible paradox, I hate feeling like I should kill the thing I love. Maybe I should relax and have a drink...I'm rambling as if I have something important to say.

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