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Andrei in the office

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  • 11:32 And so it comes. 3rd 1st phone screen today, potential face-to-face next week, two tech phone screens Monday. At least I'm piquing interest. #
  • 14:04 So, a general call out to colleagues. Looking for Cocoa Dev questions to be grilled on. Need to brush back up again on the minutia. #
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can't grill you on dev questions, but I've definitely got your best possible outcome up on my Cosmic Bulletin Board... knock them out, Andre - you rock!

(1) Can you explain the allocation/release rules for Objective C objects?

(2) An Objective C method call can return a pointer to an Objective C object. On which calls do you need to release the object returned to you?

(3) What is wrong with the following routine:

- (NSObject *)returnObjectFromArray:(NSMutableArray *)array atIndex:(int)index
NSObject *tmp = [array objectAtIndex:index];
[array removeObjectAtIndex:index];
return tmp;

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