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Andrei in the office

Amazing Video of the Day

Just amazing

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that was wonderful..thank you

Can I come up with an idea like that whan I grow up? We could do that with our camera! A. showed me how, kinda.

I always imagined something like that for family - with different combinations of the fourple doing silly things in bed - holding flowers waiting, wearing a wetsuit / snorkle gear.

Man, very cool!

ohhhh... that is awesome! thanks for sharing, sweetie!

Wow, that was a thing of absolute beauty!

Sorry, I didn't get the chance to say good bye.

Things were kinda crazy last week. And surprising for many of us. I hope work goes well for you and the team. Me.. I'm onto the next big thing.

Re: Sorry, I didn't get the chance to say good bye.

I'm sorry I wasn't around! I was stuck in the lab over in RedWest all week.

It was a shock. People are still off-kilter. Good luck with your new big thing, though. Change is always exciting and hopefully heads you in a upward direction.

Eat your heart out, Peter Gabriel.

That's is pretty awesome. Of course, I can't help but comment about the bed...

Lovely...! I like the song, too. ^.^

Thanks! Not just a cool video, but am excited about the singer & discovering his work!

I was very pleased when I saw it. Glad to get the chance to share it.

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