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A happy memory

CBS tonight ran (for me is running) a Carol Burnette tribute show. Probably one of the best comedy variety shows in the history of Television. The show would shoot a 5pm show by the book. Then they'd do an 8pm show to give the actors a chance to play.

On of the finest moments takes place in the "Mama's Family" environment as Tim Conway explains the sad story of a pair of Siamese Elephants joined at the trunk. The trainer made them stand up on their rear legs while a little monkey came out and danced a merange (SP?!?) on the trunks. The couldn't trumpet like the other Elephants (He demonstrates) They could only let out a muffled little "SHU-NORKEY". Mama looks up and asks if the little Asshole is finished and the scene (which has been falling apart already) goes completely to hell as everyone falls off the sofa laughing.

A piece of TV history.

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