Andrei Freeman (lordandrei) wrote,
Andrei Freeman

Daily Twittering

  • 10:17 @windbourne Have you seen escaflowne or sohryuden? I'm assuming you've seen Lain. #
  • 10:18 @fraserspeirs Gulfstream Jet? I really should have bank rolled you earlier. Now I know I'm in the wrong setting. You hiring ;?) #
  • 10:25 @thebkwyrm We've noticed eating is like a roller coaster on the toddler. When it's up it seems to mean growth spurt. Portioning's a p-i-t-a. #
  • 10:28 @greggrunberg Now if we can get the superman logo with a stylised "G" for Grunny, I'd buy one ;) #
  • 10:31 @greggrunberg ... I eat up scripts like a trash compactor? #
  • 10:32 @I_am_Lono The family has had the creeping crud of '09 for about 2 weeks now. My throat is gettin' realllllll tired of it. #
  • 10:34 @nadyne That makes too much sense. Next they'll probably want people to rehearse their presentations or take public speaking classes. ;) #
  • 10:38 RT: I love my football team. But sometimes... fans just bewilder me. The Steeler Superbowl March: The rhythm hurts #
  • 10:45 And now I have performed that pointless morning task of catching up on Twitter. How people follow more than 75 ppl I do NOT get! #
  • 11:20 @gwenix "Glued to their iPhones?" Hey! I resemble that remark. :) #
  • 11:25 - Never raise zebra finches. I tried as a kid. Messy, STUPID, and breed faster than rabbits!! #
  • 12:06 @livingartist of course wfat you're not saying is that a cat us entirely NOT involved here. #
  • 12:31 Being home during the day, you learn some strange things. Like the rooster in the neighborhood that doesn't seem to realize that it is noon. #
  • 23:42 Happiness is Red Dwarf RETURNING after a 10 year hiatus. #
  • 00:54 No, really. Tonight I planned to be in bed by 11. Damn, it's fun to be back in my own Cocoa code again. Even if the O.S. API doesn't work.  #
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