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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Toddler having: A conversation

We have an iPod for the boy for bed time.

It has a selection of going to bed music. Recently H added some new music to the list. About 20 songs.

Aiden's bed time has been coming more swiftly. For example tonight he's down in under 8 minutes and BEFORE 8 pm. (Honestly, I have no clue what to do with myself.) (Note: 8:05.. he's back up)

To keep myself sane while sitting with him... I bring my iPhone. Sometimes I log into IM to give H reports on how he's doing. Tonight I noted a new song on the list. It was an old celtic tune that I knew fairly well from a film.

The IM Conversation went as such:
Me: Where did you find music from "The Wicker Man?"
jnanacandra:It's not the version from the film. It's an old celtic tune
Me: I know...but.. NICE!
H: If you listen the words are slightly different
(I had no choice but one response)
Me: I noticed she sang al nflygh chloch mallyf in the third verse instead of nflgh chlach mollffyl. I always thought the film got the declension wrong.
(Pause from H)

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If you can find them, I seriously reccomend "Joe Scuggs" music- he had several CD's out, and they're a crackup. His snowman song is not to be missed. ;) Also, "They might be giants" has put put a kids album called "No" that has a computer-visual componant when you play it on your home computer too. (chuckle)

H says it's a version of the "Highland Widow's Lament" which is the intro song that plays over the plane flying to SummerIsle.

(Deleted comment)
You are assuming that I have the first inclination of knowledge about Gaelic

This is the awesomest thing ever:)

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