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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

One man's journey from infinity to nothingness

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Andrei in the office

In unrelated and angsty news

Hard to fight the feeling that I've stopped being shiny and as a result have completely been dropped from my communities.

It's LJ, have to post like this at least once in a while.
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Oh, dear. That feeling must suck.


I tend to prefer friends over communities, individuals over groups.

Eh, stick to friends over communities :)


Deposited by one lordandrei, the required minimum amount of LJ Drama.

His account therefore remains in good standing for 2009.

We encourage others to get their Drama Deposits completed in an expeditious fashion, taking lordandrei's good example to heart.

We applaud his speed in complying with these requirements.

PS HUG! And good luck for the Steelers, since my team bombed out! GO AFC!

...I'm not the BM any more, but I know Vortex is always happy to see you, when you get down there. In fact I haven't gotten a chance to see you in *way* too long.

Well *I* enjoyed doing Mass with you recently. And hope you and your family will take full advantage of the upcoming "kid friendly" Masses that we'll have at Horizon.

*hug* I know the feeling, sweetie
squeeze your baby next time he's all bubbly happy, he'll remind you how shiny you are :-)

aww. I post like that all the time :P And you are super shiny! You and H are my shiniest west coast people, in fact :)

Adding to what lazuli93 said-you do an awesome Mass and I hope to see you at Horizon more often!

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