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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

MEMETime: it's obnoxious meme time

As I will have extra time over the holidays; it's anonymous guessing game time again.

Three Simple rules:

1. You ANONYMOUSLY post 3 clues about yourself.
2. I get 3 guesses. For the first two guesses you have to give me another ANONYMOUS clue.
3. After 3 guesses you have to tell.

I am bolding anonymous because sometimes people forget and it kind of blows the entire game.

I may post links to my previous games of this because... well, there are people who left clues who dropped off the net and I never did solve them. Note: you don't have to be on LJ for this one. But you do need to keep an eye on the post. (track this post)

If you managed to defeat me... You have a choice, you can claim a one of a cheap prize that I already have. Or you can try giving me 3 more clues. Beating me then means a real prize.

Okay... come 'n' get me. ;)

BTW: Happy holidays

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I worked as a clown when I was 13.
My family moved house 5 times before I started 1st grade.
In kindergarten, I wandered off from a the group on a class field trip.

If anyone is hiding the fact that they were a clown...

princekermit would be my first guess

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My boyfriend and I played the same type of instrument in elementary school.
I think that Global Warming is as much of a fad as Global Cooling was.
I had to scrap my car of ice and snow three separate times today.

Well, you're not in seattle

Which reduces the possible players to: L.A., SF, Boston, Tucson, and oh yeah... Pittsburgh.

I'm gonna guess that the ol' burgh is the place under ice this week.

I've narrowed from clue 2 down to about 3 people. I just don't know if the person I'm thinking of plays/played an instrument in HS. So I'll guess them.


If not... next clue please.

My lowest weight as an adult was 85 pounds, my highest, 185 pounds.
I don't play a musical instrument.
In Chinese astrology, I'm a tiger.

I don't think you've ever been that big... but

I'm going to guess shadesong

I grew up in many different states as a kid.
I ended up in a profession that surprised everyone.
My favorite color is green.

I used to like baseball.
Numerical coincidences fascinate me.
My great-grandfather was a Freemason.

You know, I'm just gonna have to keep guessing princekermit until I'm right.

I think I remember D telling me his grandfather was a F'mason.

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I have four double-jointed toes.
I had no co-workers for my first three jobs.
I took Latin for three and a half years.

On an unrelated note.... telling me of all people the first clue if you're female might have side effects. ;)

I'm going to start with: animamea

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1. I am a lifelong Western Pennsylvanian.
2. We have met only once.
3. I am inexplicibly excited by Yuengling Porter.

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3 clues, baby

1- Sometimes I find women attractive

2- I waited 9 months into my first long term relationship to have sex

3- Sometimes I don't think people know I'm poly because I'm incredibly picky.

I'm going to wishfully think cali_nic

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1- My favorite RHPS song is 'Sweet Transvestite' and I've been known to sing it at karaoke.

2- I am as likely to play female characters in role playing games as I am to play male characters.

3- Lately I find myself listening to a lot of Sisters of Mercy.

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Once upon a time, I went to Seattle.

Forty degrees is cold. No, really, it's COLD. DON'T YOU LAUGH AT ME.

The longer I stay away from Tennessee, the more I sound like a recent transplant. I don't even understand it.

Once upon a time, I fell in love with a book about a girl and her ghosts...

Her author came to Seattle from Tennessee too.

Is this cmpriest?

Edited at 2009-01-01 07:21 am (UTC)

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1. I meet famous people online and friend them before I know they are famous, which many seem to find entertaining.

2. I have never lived outside of the Pacific Northwest.

3. I have never seen more than 2 old Doctor Who episodes.

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1) I'm under 30.
2) I wear glasses, but only sometimes.
3) I met you through a theater production.

Well from 1&2 I'd guess sheistheweather ... but I met you through elocinuala

But I think on this I can go with luna_piena

This may have posted twice. My apologies.

I once played 6 major characters in one play.

I have one and a half siblings.

I have lived out of the country for 12.5% of my life.

This one I think I know... Have I ever co-habitated with you?

Guess reserved until response.

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