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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

signs of acclimation!!!!

Tonight I sent in my RSVP for the LJ Meetup

I am happy that I know or have come in contact with about 10% on the list. (About 5 of 50) This is a good number because looking at Pittsburgh, I only recognzied 1 name on the list of 32 out there.

Now granted, I went to the Pittsburgh LJ Bash at carnival this past year. So that was fun unto itself. We had LJ'ers from Pgh, L.A., D.C. Boston.

It ruled ;) And the hosts of the party didn't even realize the number of LJ'ers that would be there ;)

I'm listed as a 'host' for the L.A. LJ Meetup.

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Glad to have made it, glad to have met you. Even more glad for the conversation.

I'll post more about it at length tomorrow. Far too tired now.

I was also especially glad for the conversation. It's great to talk with someone who understands the various "alternative" stuff I'm into. I look forward to your post -- with picture, I hope!

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