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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Obnoxious ad of the day: What's on your webpage?

Lately web advertisements have been making floating web things.

Really impressive terminology, eh? (ooh, forgive the 'eh' I was in Canada for the holiday)

Basically, ads appear on a web page floating over the page. More often than naught with a little close button on them.

Today, I opened CNN.com and was met by a wallet that appeared in a cloud. The cloud billowed a little, the wallet vibrated and then opened to show me a credit card. The amusing thing was that this all manifested over the front article of CNN which is entitled, "It's official. The economy is in a recession."

Because, nothing spells, financial frugality better than a credit card ad forcing itself in front of you over news about a recession with no way of escaping.

Personally, I think that the first thing we need to do as a nation is escape consumer credit. By amassing large credit bills, the nation has shown it's willing to pay for things that it can't afford. The public does this by the traditional bad behaviour of robbing Peter to pay Paul. Granted this has come as a result of the behaviour of our government which has done the same thing. Billions into a war and security theatre and watch education, the arts, scientific research, and jobs all trickle away.

Credit should be based on what you can pay for over time, not what you've paid for in the past. There are an amazing number of people out there who are about to enter into unemployment with starling credit. And that will only make them plunge further, faster.

What's in your wallet? Nearly 10% can now answer, "Nothing." with more to follow suit.

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we need a new gold standard.

I vote mustard seed.
(taken at mustardmuseum.com)

(Deleted comment)
I am often apalled at people who use credit cards for 'daily' uses- and then do not pay off the month's uses... people who 'live off credit' and it just keeps growing and growing... I have a friend who was 17,000 in the hole, on a card she pretty much used for lunches out at work and little purchases like games... it was boggling.

That's one thing I'm happy to say that Peace Corps did for me: it got me off my butt and I got my credit paid off. I am consumer debt free for the first time since I was 18. That said, I have a six digit student loan floating over my head, but WOOT! No consumer debt!

In April, I read a local news article about a man who had gotten beaten/stomped to death by a local gang.

There was a flash ad on that page for a nearby regional airport ... that featured an inflatable weeble style clown that got punched by a boxing glove on the end of a spring loaded accordion arm -- complete with sound effects.

Sometimes, advertising misses the mark. Other times, it rubs salt in the wound...

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