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15 months, cute

The hotel bed WAS like sleeping on a cloud

We had an late afternoon snack of hummus and pita at the hotel. Aiden was VORACIOUS. (It was really good)

Maybe too much. Aiden didn't really eat his dinner. He had a little chicken. Off to bed and asleep by 8:30 pm.
I got into bed around 10:30pm. King sized, sooooft pillows. About 11:15 Aiden started to toss. A lot of toss. more toss than usual. about 11:30 Aiden completely tossed. As in his cookies all over the bed and to varying degree us.

Kudos to the housekeeping staff for helping us thru that mini disaster. We entertained Aiden during the bed, sheet, and towel replacement with shorts from his newest favourite movie, "Wall-E." This may be the first film I've bought without seeing first. I'm fully justified. Will watch it many times.

Boy and mommy are trying to relax back into redressed bed. Aiden now guarded in a towel fort in case of further surprise tonight.

Let's just hope it was a nervous stomach and not something worse. More in the morning.

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Check the lawtags on the pillows. If we make them, I should be able to get them for you.

Sorry to hear about the rest. Take care & hope you have a good trip.

Sucks about the vomit.

At least the hotel staff were helpful!

Oh no! Hope he's feeling better.

This is why it's a good idea to let it slide when a small child doesn't want to eat. Crash once painted the steps of the Queen Anne Masonic Temple when he was about 6 after picking at his dinner.

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