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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Tired and mostly packed

Allo Vancouverans... Errr Vancouverites... Uhh... anyways

We head off tomorrow early afternoon for your beautiful city. If the gov't web sites are correct, we can drive in and out without a passport as long as we have birth certs.

Thank you for the crashing offers. We are doing a hotel due to the toddler noise.(very few people like bio alarms at 6am)

I should be available via email and mayyyybe text msg, though I am not sure about the latter. We'd love to visit people and maybe do dinner with folks.

We plan to hit several of the sites (science museum, aquarium, kids mall, but NOT metrotown)

Suggestions and comments warmly welcomed.

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6:00 am, your little guy sleeps late. I think the nephew is currently working on the 4:30 am wake up call. Althought he is from the central time zone so for him it is 5:30.

Have a good and safe trip.

I will email you today with my contact info so you can call if you wish.

We are having a full on turkey dinner with a few friends on Saturday night. We would love to entertain you for the evening. Should be eight or nine other adults, one other toddler, and two babies.

Otherwise we are available on Saturday during the day and Sunday during the day. I hope to hear from you!

That is a wonderful offer...

... I think we would have to accept such wonderful hospitality.

You can email me at the address I'll add to a filtered comment following this with details.

Re: That is a wonderful offer...

I already emailed you to your hotmail account, the one attached to the MSN we chatted on the other day.

Re: That is a wonderful offer...

Aha. Looked everywhere but there. I use MSN/hotmail.live almost never. But the email is there. I got the info and will contact you this morning once the amily is mobile and has a plan. Things got shifted with Aiden getting a bit sick last night.

Re: That is a wonderful offer...

I look forward to hearing from you.

I will be in touch myself at some point Friday night.

I thought the passport requirement went into effect this summer.

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