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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

Crashed last night early...

close to about 9pm. Aiden wasn't difficult to get down. But unfortunately, the rigours of the day (an internal company focus group) and having to run home because Aiden got sick (or at least massively uncharacteristic in a sick like manner) at daycare necessitated me to leave work early and retrieve him. Somewhere in the early evening I managed to also crick my neck badly. So many pain killers later and I fell asleep.

Waking up this morning I saw several text messages I wish I hadn't missed. I've also caught up on email.

Sleeping through life kind of sucks.

Life is (as many are aware) very difficult right now. The words from the "Yes" song "Changes" of of 90125 are very appropriate in my life again.

If my posting seems more superficial, lacking, or seems to go away for a while... it's just the way I feel.

Thank you all, you've been a very sweet audience. We'll notify you when the next performance is scheduled.

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We'll notify you when the next performance is scheduled.

Hmm, mebbe you can get your understudy to fill in for a few days so you can sleep, take a long bath, play w/your kidlet, and relax some...if only.

*hugs* from down here to all of you.

Reconnect with what is important. Play with your son and your wife. Enjoy just being... People don't spend enough time doing that.

We will be here when you get back, ready to listen, learn, heckle and be smart asses.

Hugs to you and your family.

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