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Andrei in the office


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what is that?

A look inside Andrei's pop culture addled brain

Today Aiden was playing in front of his growth chart (a post still overdue)...

H commented, "Look at you... you're tall! And Growing!"

I replied, "10, 000 strong"

The comment made no sense to anyone in the room but me...

Sadly.. the response I wanted did not manifest.

Any guesses what that response I wanted was?

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(Deleted comment)
I knew something sounded wrong to me.

10,000 didn't make any sense.

Thanks :)

And you're welcome. ;)

I was going to comment ""10 million" too.

And likewise on the earworm, ack.

The correct quote is "10 million strong...and growing."

You're a Flintstones kid?

Count me in the "I remember" category.

They were doing that same jingle at least through the first half of the '90's

i am thinking vitamins

the flinstones kids?
(without reading other comments first)

We're Flintstones kids - 10 million strong....and growing!

I see Aiden as more of a Bam-Bam.

Yeah, this lasted longer than most, I think. Because I remember it from when I was little.

Thank you...That is all I need to have that running through my brain for the rest of the afternoon.

I now have the Flintstones jingle cemented in my ears. Must find something to jiggle it out of there...

It made sense to me too.... 10 million strong and growing!!! :-)

yup, Flintstones vitamins!

I now have the jingle stuck in my head. :x ...Heh. :)

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