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Andrei in the office


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what is that?

A look inside Andrei's pop culture addled brain

Today Aiden was playing in front of his growth chart (a post still overdue)...

H commented, "Look at you... you're tall! And Growing!"

I replied, "10, 000 strong"

The comment made no sense to anyone in the room but me...

Sadly.. the response I wanted did not manifest.

Any guesses what that response I wanted was?

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(Deleted comment)
I knew something sounded wrong to me.

10,000 didn't make any sense.

Thanks :)

And you're welcome. ;)

I was going to comment ""10 million" too.

And likewise on the earworm, ack.

The correct quote is "10 million strong...and growing."

Count me in the "I remember" category.

They were doing that same jingle at least through the first half of the '90's

i am thinking vitamins

the flinstones kids?
(without reading other comments first)

We're Flintstones kids - 10 million strong....and growing!

I see Aiden as more of a Bam-Bam.

Yeah, this lasted longer than most, I think. Because I remember it from when I was little.

Thank you...That is all I need to have that running through my brain for the rest of the afternoon.

I now have the Flintstones jingle cemented in my ears. Must find something to jiggle it out of there...

It made sense to me too.... 10 million strong and growing!!! :-)

yup, Flintstones vitamins!

I now have the jingle stuck in my head. :x ...Heh. :)

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