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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Hey Vancouver!!!!

We are thinking of celebrating our new found patriotism for the US.

By skipping the country for Thanksgiving.

I have a 4 day weekend coming up and we are contemplating going to Vancouver.

We're looking for suggestions of things to see/do as well as places to stay.

An important addition to this... Toddler friendly. Kid's museums, etc.. Suggestions welcomed.


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Well, based on my most recent trip, I would recommend against visiting their local EMS and hospital facilities. Doing so might cause irreparable jealousy.

Also, the Chinatown night market is about two steps up from your average flea market. Not all that it's advertised to be and getting to Chinatown from downtown is... "Chinese" interesting.

And finally, I highly recommend the Buddhist Temple http://www.findfamilyfun.com/buddhist.htm It's gorgeous.

http://www.scienceworld.ca/ It's pretty awesome, kinda like pacific science centre.

Granville Island is kinda neat, too, lots of artist stuff. I think they often have carolers and stuff leading up to the holidays.

And yeah, no emergency room visits.

Stanley Park Aquarium (and I believe there's still a zoo there as well).

Just across the way from where I grew up!

And for really good Chinese food-Ambleside Chinese Restaurant in West Vancouver.

I recall the zoo there being kinda Meh, especially if you go see the aquarium first. At one point they were trying to find homes for the animals at other zoos, but I'm not sure how successful that was...

The Aquarium, though, is TOTALLY rad. I'll be in town that weekend, if you want local company.

Hee! C, j-b and I are doing the same!

Maybe a Dana safe dinner or something. Any suggestions for kid positive attractions would be warmly welcomed.

Re: We should catch up

Of course by "We should catch up" I mean, only if you're not trying to escape all contact for a private vacation, or something similar :)

We would happily go to the Aquarium with you if you wanted the company. That is the best place to take kids of all ages.

We would also Mass for you as you will, given some notice that is.

It would be good to see you anyhow, even if just for a meal out.

I *think* I can offer crash space, but I need to check with the household manager to make sure. She is away herself until tomorrow. I will get back to you.

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