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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

RIP Michael Chrichton

Science Fiction Author Michael Chrichton died unexpectedly Tuesday.

Chrichton was the author of a few of my favourite stories including "The Andromeda Strain."

His eulogy will none the less involve far too much scientific detail and not get around to the actual cause of death until about 2 hours in. Regardless of not comprehending any of this, his Eulogy will be fascinating.

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I can not believe that man was six foot nine. Unreal.

One of the groomsmen at my first wedding was 6' 10" tall. He was a last minute replacement for a groomsman who had a fire in his apartment complex, so there wasn't time to special order his tux pants. The tux shop had to let the hem out of the pants completely--as in, the bottom of his pants leg was a raw fabric edge. We figured they would notice high-waters sooner than an unhemmed edge, and we were right. Good thing no one really notices groomsmen.

"Regardless of not comprehending any of this, his Eulogy will be fascinating."

And from the afterlife, Crichton would be laughing his ass off, because he would appreciate this comment.

RIP Michael, a truly noteworthy human being who spurred on my love of reading and learning for knowledge's sake

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