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My weekend. Or at least the past few days.... (Part 1...)

So, here is the promised summary of the last 4-5 days...

I start the summary here as it seems the best place. Rehearsal scheduled for Midsummer at Schuyler House courtesy of Will Schuylers (Younger {willskyfall} and Elder)). Unfortunately, the other show I was waiting for was about to drop. We have officially had our second venue pulled. I'm not going to go into the 'Politics' surrounding this; but we effectively have been forced to push our first performance off yet again. This is both good and bad. It's good because it gives us more time to work the show. Bad, because it's horrendous for cast morale. We plan more upcoming shows and the members of the cast that are there proceed to hit a nice diner for a late dinner. At the table is (in circular order around): Myself (Oberon), Frederic (Demetrius), Elva (Titania), Christabel [firebrand_](Hermia), and Will (Lysander). The diner has the most incredibly Strawberry Iced Tea that I have ever had. Between three of us, I think we had about 9 glasses. One of my performers lives near my office. I was the ride for them to rehearsal. We stopped back at my place...talked some tarot. And then I offered them crash space on my living room floor. (It seems to be the guest room now.

Up early. Drive my performer home then to the office. I had an offer to hang with an old friend after work and also had a cunning and less then clever plan. Work went by quickly. I was able to get the first phase my new project done. I'd tell you what that is, but then they'd fire me. I got in contact with my friend and coordinated. I was planning on hitting 'Ikea' I'd been living with the same "IVAR" college shelving for ... a while. I decided to do something about it. When I moved from the 1 bedroom back into the 2 bedroom (because I was picking up burningblue as a housemate. Everyone really suggested that I lose the Goodwill acquired, thick wool, plaid, cat bitten, semi-love-seat-semi-sofa travesty; once and for all.

(more tomorrow when I wake)

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