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politics, voting, Obama

Quick post: We Broke the Goal!

Realllly busy at work today...

But wanted to THANK EVERYONE who contributed.

This morning we broke the goal of raising over $1,000 to help the Obama Campaign.

There may be another push next week as we get down to the wire. But I wanted to take a moment to tell everyone who is supporting this, how important it is to me.

The answer to that is, "Very"

Putting positive energy into the next 2 wks here.


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And I'm sure you'll have the best President money can buy.

Yes, I know that was snarky. But you have to admit, it does foreclose on the whole argument about politicians "buying" elections.

You raise a good point.... however.

Elections in general come down to communicating a message.

While personally I'd prefer to see tax incentives used to lower the expense to communicate, there are two major things at play.

One: Financing and budgeting the expense of a campaign which is essentially an attempt to get the best face of the candidate out in front of as many potential voters as possible.

Two: On a 'meta' level, it is watching someone administrate a small national army on many levels. Deciding which battles to be fought, etc.

What I'm pleased with (as far as the Obama Campaign is concerned) is that the money seems to be coming from individual supporters and that is all. While the PACs are doing their things, their money isn't going into the campaign.

I want to see a multi party system. I would love to see a system where it's not a multi-million dollar industry. Though I'd like to think in these battle ground states there was some good economy enrichment from the influx of cash.

Personally, I think the regulations that need to be put in place is to stop politicking which eventually boils down to dualism.

Personally, I don't think the politicians will actually change the system until there is a tragedy. I have not forgotten how you were assaulted in your own home during the last election and I see no progress away from that incitement on either side.

Personally, I blame the cost, the behaviour, and the tenor of the elections on the horrific joke that is the American school system. American History and Civics are terms that academia pays lip service to and does not do either justice.

So, does the election always go to 'the one that raised more money?' I don't know. But from a simple view of democracy.. It seems like that is at least a way to determine some sense of majority.

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