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politics, voting, Obama

We get over $400, Yeah... So THANKS everyone!

(Paraphrased from Avenue Q's Money Song)

So.. this morning I'd raised $440 in my efforts to raise money for Obama's presidential race.

Surprisingly, within about an hour I was up to $915.

This is including the amount I've offered to fulfil. This means if I can get just 4 people to put forth $25 then we blast through the goal I set several months ago.

Thank you so much to all who've donated. Thank you to anyone who has thought about it...

Friday morning will be the day that the Obama Campaign looks at it's current finances and figures out how to deploy in battleground states. So donations today and tomorrow will help guide that decision.

As always.. any support, even if it's just getting out the word or talking to friends and families helps ...


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Can I hand you $20 or is it all online?

Presidential fundraising needs to be done from donator to campaign. Due to all the legal ramifications of paying someone else to make a donation.

This prevents large special interest groups from giving large sums to people who'd otherwise not donate.

picture isn't updated yet, but you should be over your goal by now.

the horror of the sp makes me do it.

If you put a donation in this week, it didn't go through

I'm not showing anything with your name on it. You may want to check your ledger or your email to verify that it went through.

Typically you'll get an email within minutes of filling out the form.

Re: If you put a donation in this week, it didn't go through

I think firebug ate the submission the first time. Just tried again and it looked more like it did go through, but no email yet. If it doesn't go through because I didn't want to spam anyone else, then they are too bogus.

Got the email, I guess it worked

Got the email, I guess it worked

Very cool! Congratulations!

I was happy to add my donation yesterday (and still happy to have done so) but I get a little frustrated with these fundraising companies sometimes (not your forward or goal, in the least -- the companies themselves) because I got a brand new strongly worded request for more money from these folks today. I'm like ... sheesh people - I donated to you yesterday so you use the information I gave you to spam me with hysterically worded messaging to send you more money today?! Not cool. It isn't the first time; I actually sent a 'take me off your list' message to another campaign group on Tuesday that I thought was abusing my inbox and previous generosity.

Ah, well. Thank you very much for doing this. I think it's really awesome that your personal attention got an additional $1000 or more to the campaign. Here's hoping that every dollar is used well to bring about our goal!

Well I didn't donate through your link, but we did just return from doing so at our Democratic HQ. Every bit helps. Now if I can just post a pic of enohae putting up the yard sign. :)

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