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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

I'd like to announce my candidacy... FOR GOVERNOR

Hey Washington-

Having thoroughly researched the two candidates for Governor of the State of Washington. I've come to the conclusion that I can NOT in good faith cast a vote for either of them.

I feel this so strongly, knowing that it's a close race, that I don't want to find myself the deciding vote approving either of these candidates.

So... Since I can't go with either candidate it'd be completely irresponsible not to at least offer some solution to the issue. I'm going to offer myself as a write in candidate.

My legal qualifications? Quite honestly... I have exactly the same legal qualifications as the current Governor of California had when he ran. This equates out to... not a whole lot.

But... I'm willing to fulfil the position if elected. I just don't really have much of a chance.

But if you're stymied and don't really want to vote for Gregoire or Rossi, then write in "Andrei A. Freeman" (I'd just love to get more than one vote ;)

I suppose you need a campaign promise. Um... I'll work to return the penalty for online gambling from a class C Felony back to a misdemeanour.

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You know I was getting to the point of wanting to write someone in and I just may vote for you.

If you promise to get rid of Daylight Savings time as well, I'll cast an illegal absentee ballot. I think that illegal absentee ballots are still legal, right? Heh, no matter. When yer governor, you can just pardon me.

I'd prefer to see online gambling be not a crime at all, but as you will ;)

One thing at a time

Yeah yeah yeah, politicians always promise they'll make it up to you later ;)

Fine... run against me ;)

Totally true. And may I gank that icon for a post I must make today?

Absolutely. Spread the love!

What is our stance on a city's right to attempt to ban the legal carr of a weapon on public property?

The WASL test?

The smoking ban?

The 3 foot rule for stripper?

Hey, I held my nose and voted for Obama. I also held it for Gregiore. Rossi's never met a clearcut or a development he didn't like. As we face a recession, the role of the state is to find ways to at the very least maintain and arguyably to INCREASE the availability of education, access to health care and to strengthen the social saftey net. Rossi wants build roads and trash public transport.

Hols yr nose and vote for Gregiore. In a winner take all system the choice is ONLY the lesser of two evils.

It stinks, but Rossi would stink more.


What C said!

(PS C, Congrats on the BPO! Can't wait to see what y'all cook up!)

Agreed. Gregoire may be "more of the same" but Rossi would be an unmitigated disaster.

What is it about the two major-party candidates that you find so distasteful?
Are there any minor-party candidates whom you agree with?

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