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Gnostics go PING!

SAVE THE DATE: The FreePeople New Years Eve 08/09

Please note: This is not just for Seattle-ans. We're giving advance notice to convince long-distance friends to travel! (Jenn, you can start driving now ;)

I wanted to put the "save the date" out right here and now...

Barring unheard of or unexpected trauma, the FreePeople shall once again open the castle to ring in 2009.

This will be Freeple NewYears #5 (Yes, there is a history)

Let us celebrate not merely the fact that 2008 is fired, but so much so as to have it roughed up by security on the way out of the building.

Details at this point are sketchy, but we're pretty sure of the date. Wednesday, December 31st and crash space available by request, distance travelled and preference. (We're poly, there are SOs to count ;) Breakfast and potentially the usual crazies heading off to go plunge like polar bears.

More details forthcoming.

Looking forward to seeing people again as we come out of our hibernation.

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Sounds intriguing.

On a related note, while I have not received confirmation, I highly anticipate doing New Year's polar bear jump #4 the next day. Instant Hangover Cure! Just add 40' water.

BTW, did you get my voicemail yesterday?

Marcos and I will be there (plus one) and would like to reserve crash space.

I wouldn't even mind sleeping with you...really...twist my arm ;)

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