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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

I couldn't resist this icanhazlolprez posting

This doesn't actually fit on icanhaztardis or lolcats or pretty much any of my boards.

But the second I saw this image from the assoicated press, the caption was unbelievably obvious to me.

Granted, you have to know my fandom and opinions to get the most out of it.

I like the image and the main caption. Not keen on the secondary caption.

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That's totally brilliant. (Also, that moment is one of my favorite in the whole series, as it shows us just how scary the Doctor really is)

People tried to spread that as a meme once, but it's much more effective against a woman than a man.

Bit of a moot point, this sentiment, seeing as he's done in a very few months anyway. After a full eight years of presidency one has pretty much reached the end of one's active political career, and I don't know why anyone has even bothered ragging on Dubya at all in the past year. It's kind of like slandering a dead person, isn't it? No one really cares any more.

No one really cares any more.
Bingbing. That's the saddest part. He should, by many standards, be forced to take some accountability for his actions over the last near-decade, but he almost certainly won't. He'll just be allowed to walk away. =_=*

You know all you have to do is ask

and I'm more than happy to whisk you away in my Tardis ;)

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