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My weekend... Part one... Bass-Ackwards

In a news story reported by KTLA:

Massive Drug Bust Carried Out In San Fernando Valley

Mike Kaufman
KTLA-TV Newswriter

July 15, 2002, 6:54 AM PDT
SHERMAN OAKS -- Local law enforcement authorities have carried out a massive undercover drug raid in Sherman Oaks.

So far, officials have confiscated a large sum of narcotics and property, including cars, in the bust, which took place Sunday night about 7:15 (PDT).

Several arrests were also made at the apartment complex, in the 4900 block of Van Nuys Boulevard. The multi agency bust involved members of the LAPD and the Torrance Police Department.

The operation continues.

As I happen to live on that block, may I start by pointing out that there is only one apartment complex on that block. And I in fact live in it.

So.. here's my story

About 3pm I get a call from my roomie burningblue he was on his way back walking from some errands. He noted about 5 plain clothes cop cars speeding in the direction he was walking, also 3 regular Black and whites, and noticed a pair of choppers. I think he fugured something was going down in "Van Nuys" The not so affluent neighborhood to the north.

He notices the cars have all clustered at our building. A cop stops him on the way in and explains... Something is going on, they can't explain...but he should come back later.

It would appear that while the cops were investigating a possible drug dealer/lab; a deal went awry. The cops pulled out one guy whose face was completely bloodied. All of this went down on my floor on the far opposite corner.

Now, to be honest, I don't know if it is the insulation, my attention to what I was working on, or the manner with which is was handled. But, if not for the roomie's call. I probably would have blissfully gone on thoroughly ignorant of what was happening.

In then end, I'm told that several million dollars of excstacy were confiscated.

Just another day in L.A.

More on the weekend shortly,,,,

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