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Andrei in the office


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Kill Kill Kill, Die Die Die

Today is fired...

Just one of those days where I'm searching for the good thing to happen.

Among today's list:
Work annoyances
Internal Hard drive on laptop (read lifeline) dying
Websites down (wikipedia and BankOfAmerica)
Other unmentionable things that don't make me happy.

Good wishes appreciated. Mood... not so hot.

Edit: 13:16 FWIW I've just been notified by a dear friend of some really horrifying news that just makes the rest of the day seem peachy keen in comparison. Not that I wouldn't want to know this information but the timing just isn't what I was looking for. (This involves someone that 99+% of my readership is unlikely to know.)

Edit: 13:45 And I finally got a system stable enough to read my personal email. Not news I wanted to see today. Well, ever actually. Anyone else?

Edit: 16:09 Detail on the 13:16. A gentleman I respected in the SCA was critically injured yesterday in a fall. While he survived, doctors expect him not to last the day.

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*good wishes* w/a heap of *hugs* for good measure

Dr. Hamchuk recommends: tasty chocolate!

Also, you could do like me, and make a royal ass out of yourself, and then you just let things slide because god(s), we're all human and we all make mistakes.


I'm sorry for your friend.

Bleh. I don't have anything useful to say, but sending love. :(

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