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shrek the halls, kitty play, puss in boots

And I have no idea which icon to use for my post

Let's start with the relevant icons to explain:

So... we have the new Prius. And it has all the trimmings. Including the ones we couldn't get when we first went shopping for one 3 years ago. Satnav (Atmos can not be disabled!), Bluetooth, 5 disc CD.. and a cassette deck.

Today I purchased a cassette adaptor. I plugged it into my iPhone and fired up the Doctor Who theme for aiden_freeman

Playing on the car's really nice sound system...Aiden was giddy. He loves the theme.

Afterwards as usual he babbled a bit at said he requisite, "Doc-Doc?" Which is very good and we encourage him.

Then he blew our minds. After babbling from the back seat we hear him go:

Ooooh Weeee Ooooh.

It took the better part of 5 minutes for us to recover ourselves. The toddler grinning ear to ear at his accomplishment.

This is my boy and I AM a PROUD father.

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Hahahah! That's awesome! Go Aiden :)

Yayyyyy!!!! You're raising your boy right!!!

Nerds rule!!!

Ooooh, this I will have to see!

That's... the first three notes of the theme song, right?

Heh. It's been a while. I should get around to watching the new series. I still remember all the old ones. At least the ones they had back then - I'm told some of the ones I saw got destroyed in the meantime. I'm sad.

This is probably the most complete answer to your question...

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