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Thank you for an amazing response... (Where I prove myself a bit of a bastard)

My huge thanks to vixenesque93 who offered to watch the little guy.

jnanacandra and I obviously don't get many date nights. One thing we certainly never do is go to the movies.

I stumbled upon a movie that I had no choice but to take her to.

There will be a limited engagement of "Rent: Filmed Live on Broadway."
This will run in Seattle from Weds Sept 24, thru Sun, Sept 28 (no show on Friday)

The film is the full 2 hour 45 minute show as played on Broadway for one of it's final performances. Many of the original cast were on hand and appear in the film.

As it's H who introduced me to this Musical... I can't help but bringing her to it.

And I am sorry to not tell everyone first. But... Discretion the better part of valour... Getting a sitter with a potentially popular conflict... Yes.. I guess I prove myself a small bit of a bastard.
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