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steelers, football

I have many friends living in Houston...

But your football team is going down today ;)

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I didn't realize that Houston had a football team anymore. When did that happen? I know that the Oilers were sold to someone who moved them to Tennessee years ago.

Yeah, Houston wasn't pleased with this and were assured the next expansion team.

Sadly however, the Texans had to balance on the NFC side.. ending the Oiler/Steeler AFC rivalry.

The Texans? What an *original* name. /sarcasm

Ye gods, do I loathe football.

Um, Andrei? You know who your team played, but not much about the team itself. Houston got the Texans in 2002, but only because L.A. couldn't get its act together to guarantee a stadium for the team. Bob McNair was waiting patiently with a bid saying "Ooh! We have a stadium and funding already in place!" so when deadlines past, and L.A. still had nothing, the NFL awarded Houston the team.

Also, the Texans are in the AFC South, not the NFC, along with Indy, the Tennessee Traitors, and the Jags. No rivalry will match the old Oilers/Steelers hatred, but Houston can probably get good enough to give Pgh more of a run for their money. Certainly not today. :-/

Edited at 2008-09-08 01:45 am (UTC)

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