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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Yes, I have seen a movie before

I think we're turning the corner.

Aiden has won himself one more free night's stay in Chez Hospital tonight.

While his breathing is no longer constricted and his treatments have moved from once every two hours to once every 4 hours our primary concern remains the oxygenation of his blood while he sleeps.

From my understanding this is the % of red blood cells carrying oxygen in them. Absolutely healthy is 100%. All your red blood cells are showing oxygenization. If this dips down to 95% that's getting down to the minimum where people start being concerned.

When Aiden has been sleeping the last two nights it has been down as low as 83%. This necessitated Aiden being given Oxygen directly. And let me assure you, putting a nose tube on a two year old is not a walk in the park. You know, it's not even a barefoot walk on hot coals without Yogic treatment.

Also, with regular 2 hr treatments of albuterol, Aiden was really ramped up.

Well, this afternoon at 12:45 we tried to put him down for a nap. (This has been a nightmare the past 2 days)
Within 10 minutes (and a healthy dosage of the requisite "Sirens") he was completely out.

Aiden sleeps and we are still seeing 95% on his O2 levels. The basic hospital policy on pediatrics is not to release a child unless they have gone 24 hours without needing to have O2 administered. So... hopefully this is turning the corner and I'm not tempting fate by pointing it out.

Click the image for a larger version

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keeping fingers crossed

for all three of you to be able to go home soon.:)
He looks so cute!:)

I realllly hope this is it for y'all! Glad he's starting to feel better. I became all too familiar with oxygen sat levels when Penelope (see avatar) spent much of her first day under 90%. The oxygen masks for newborns are soooooo tiny.

*fingers remaining crossed*

He's getting so BIG! (Guess that's what happens when I don't see him in weeks/months... ;-)

That sucks for all of you! Get well soon Aiden and best wishes Freepeople!

Burning the sanctuary oil for all three of you. Thank you for the focal pic. He looks so exhausted.

I'm glad he's getting better! Hope he comes home soon. :)

Nothing worse than watching your child suffer in hospital. I won't forget it for the rest of my life, and I pray it never happens again. Hope he's better soon.

Poor guy! I hope he gets better soon and you all getv to come home and relax...


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