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Andrei in the office


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8.5 months

Aiden Update

While we have Aiden's breathing improved. He's still labouring. We've also got him on treatments that tend to race the heart a little. That's right... vibrating toddler. So much fun.

The Doctor's opinion is that Aiden is going to be getting a room at Chez-Healthmart tonight.

That way we can monitor how things are doing for him.

I will post a phone number on a fairly tight filter. I can also be reached via cell and IM this evening.

More as we know more.

Thank you for the well wishes

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*hugs* to all of you. Been thinking of you guys, as well.

You guys are all in our thoughts and I have a candle on our healing alter for Aiden.. let me know if there is anything else we can do.

Keeping a good thought for you and your lil' one. Let me know if any more concentrated work is desired.

Breathe easy, baby boy! Get well soon!

My thoughts are with you all.

Get better soon kiddo!

*hugs* we're thinking of you all over here!
putting "best outcomes" up on the cosmic BB too...

*more hugs* and *chocolate*


Hope he gets better soon. Try to get some rest yourself!

*love* I don't have anything else to say right now.

Boy is my heart ever with you. My stepson had asthma starting at about two years old. We spent many a night doing the hospital thing and many another night at home listening to him breathe all night while pretending to ourselves to be asleep. Sending all of you good and healing ju-ju. *** *** ***

Love, light, and healing to all of you. *hugs*

Thx for the update. *keeping you folks in my thoughts*

I hope he is doing better by now

Much love and healing your way... I hope the wee one is feeling better and the big ones are able to get some rest soon.

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