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15 months, cute

And the not so fun.. back to the hospital

Some of you may notice, I'm not performing Mass today as planned.

aiden_freeman had a very bad night with his breathing. Coughing throughout the night and a lot of laboured breathing.

Our standard routine for this is to bring him into the hospital for evaluation. They give him a stronger treatment of Albuterol... Do X-Rays to check for Pneumonia, and then discharge him once the treatment has started to kick in.

The usual procedure is to continue the Albuterol and apprise his pediatrician if things get worse. Normally, this does the trick.

Today however, the treatment began to wear off as we were leaving the hospital. It's not supposed to do that.
Within an hour he was back to the state he was in this morning. Heavy wheezing, laboured breathing... and now there was a fever.

We headed back to the hospital and I put the call into the pediatrician. We also pulled jonah777 who'd been on standby since the first hospital alert this morning.

Hospital clocked him in at 101º F. Which is enough to have us doing more to check.

He's since been given more Albuterol. And some Tylenol and some steroid. This may take 4-6 hours.

Current prognosis is that he may get himself his first overnight stay at the hospital.

We'll keep people posted... And I'll be online via the usual mechanisms.

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Sending love to you, Heather, and the small one.

Poor baby! He sounds so like me at that age. Do keep us posted.

*love and best wishes to you all*

*hugs* Good thoughts and well wishes.

Oh no...sending much good health and love to all of you from here!

Very sorry to hear it. Big hugs and energy to both of you.

Poor little guy! I hope he gets better soon.

You and yours are in my thoughts.

Love and healing!

I'm wondering if maybe the pool at the Longhouse set him off. Possible?

Hospitals aren't fun, but they are necessary sometimes. I hope he gets better quickly.

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