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Andrei in the office


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Why me?!?!?

No, no.. that's fine.. I'll just sit in the dark

aiden_freeman has a penchant for waking up 2-3 times throughout the night. Normally the first few times I go in his room, play him some music, maybe change him or give him some water, and let him zone out on his swimming fish night light.

About 10 minutes ago, while trying to get Aiden back down there was a huge Bang from outside. And then it got DARK. I mean, Seattle in November, dark.

It looks like a huge power grid stretching about 20 avenues east-west and about 40 streets north-south lost a main transformer. And the fun of it all.. My house is pretty much in the dead center of the grid.

No lights, no phone, (no motorcar?)....

My apologies to all Apolo customers, but even the UPS isn't saving this as the network backbone is all the way down to the router.

So, what do you do when there is NO electricity? Well, you post to live journal.

Currently my laptop has 2 hrs of battery life. My portable wifi seems to be showing that at least the local AT&T tower has backup generators... so I can haz net for one.

I'd crash.. but until I recharge my cell for about 20 minutes off that slowly ebbing laptop.. I don't even have a reliable alarm clock for the morning.

Fun, Fun, Fun, in the Dark, Dark, Dark

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What a crazy weird happenstance! Yesterday I arrived home from work to discover that the power for the entire neighborhood had been out for an hour. It was another two and a half before it came back on. Then about two and a half hours later it went out again and as out for an hour and a half. There's construction on a nearby road and they took out a power pole and gas line.

It's a little late now, but what I do when the power goes off and I want to know before morning is, I turn on the lights in my bedroom.

If they come back on before morning, I'll turn over and see the (internal) daystar, then I know to get up, deal with what needs power fixing, then I go back to sleep.

If it doesn't come back on by my normal "morning" time, I usually wake myself up early anyway.

My PDA also has an alarm, and I can wake up to that too if I need to.

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