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politics, voting, Obama

It's that time again...

We're now into the final 100 days before our next election.

This is the time when the ads begin to make you really desire to throw your hands up in disgust and let the system brow beat us into an administration we can't support.

I'm standing in support of Barack Obama.

Obama is striving to run a campaign based on issues. Money is being raised from individual contributors only.
Commercials are focused on defending his platform.

Over 2 million voters are supporting Obama financially. Frankly, this is unheard of for any candidate in a presidential election.

But the process takes repeat support.

Even if you can only donate $5. It helps.
Even if you've donated before... It helps.

No matter what happens, stay active. Stay focussed. And don't let the legislators be the one to decide who our next president is.

I urge you to take a moment and look at my fundraising page

All money raised goes directly to Obama's election campaign.

Thank you.

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From his record of complete capitulation on (unless "compromise" means giving in on every bullet point) FISA and the 4th Amendment, the continuation of Bush's office of faith based initiatives, his "equivocations" on the war, and the "reaching out" to evangelicals, Obama will make a fine version of a Republican Jimmy Carter without the character.

Charachter is what he had when he started and he showed just how much he didn't have when he capitulated on EVERY point on the so called FISA "reform" bill after stating that he'd filibuster the bill when it gave Bush LESS than the bill he voted for. Then Obama had the gall to try to tell us that it was suddenly "neccessary to security of the country." The man is a lying snake, and I'm ashamed I caucused for him.

Now that the progressives in the party have put him in the running, he's bought the failed Clinton / DLC Republican-lite strategy which lost the Whitehouse in 2004.

Frankly, another 4 years of McCain / Bush will give us a better chance to let the right wing destroy itself than a Republican posing as a progressive. Unfortunately we'll have to live through that.

Sure Obama is claiming to run his campaign on grassroots contributions - but I guarantee you the Democratic party itself is entirely awash in big oil, big pharm, big military, big telecom money that is now guiding the agenda.

Obama was chance for change, and he's already proved himself incapable before the election. It was the only thing that made him possibly different. In WA it won't matter - the Dems will pull the lever for the supposed lesser of two evils or people who don't bother examining his record mistakenly think he's "progressive" and he'll take Washington's electoral votes.

I may actually vote McCain on the slim chance we'll hit bottom sooner. But make no mistake - Obama will fuck us all, with a little bit of lube filled sand and ground glass.

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