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It's that time again...

We're now into the final 100 days before our next election.

This is the time when the ads begin to make you really desire to throw your hands up in disgust and let the system brow beat us into an administration we can't support.

I'm standing in support of Barack Obama.

Obama is striving to run a campaign based on issues. Money is being raised from individual contributors only.
Commercials are focused on defending his platform.

Over 2 million voters are supporting Obama financially. Frankly, this is unheard of for any candidate in a presidential election.

But the process takes repeat support.

Even if you can only donate $5. It helps.
Even if you've donated before... It helps.

No matter what happens, stay active. Stay focussed. And don't let the legislators be the one to decide who our next president is.

I urge you to take a moment and look at my fundraising page

All money raised goes directly to Obama's election campaign.

Thank you.
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