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15 months, cute

What happened to my sense of humour?

I want to know how this wiring works between father and son.

Since having "A" I have discovered that I am an absolute pawn to media over small children.

Commercials with them make me contemplate the product. Movies with them make me defensive.

And don't get me started about Mufasa's death scene in "Lion King"

Recently, I've been watching "The Guild" - this is the program that effectively inspired "Dr. Horrible" to be made.

The basic plot is a series of "Insert your favourite WoW like game" addicts trying to interact with the real world.

The irony is not without merit, but it was really hard for me to enjoy this over time due to a need for suspending not only disbelief but also resigning some core issues that have developed as a parent.

I suppose it just goes too far into the realm of "Look how disfunctional online game addiction can make you."

To be honest I absolutely resent two of the characters, have no pity for the rest, and can not even laugh at the jokes about children. I don't know if I can make it through more episodes after numbers 6 and 7.

Don't get me wrong. I salute them for the work done on this guerilla project. It's amazing and a great step for independent-made-for-internet entertainment. I'm just personally not entertained.

I used to have a very macabre sense of humour. Verging on warped, twisted, and actually broken in 3 places likely needing a permanent pin.

But each episode just makes me more an more uncomfortable.

What happened to my sense of humour?

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What happened to my sense of humour?

No need to worry old chap, it's probably just taking in a game of cricket. Won't be long now.

You haven't just noticed that, have you?

I've always used that form of spelling on this journal. All the way back.

Not necessarily apropos of anything

I don't think I approve of making shoes out of Tories.

Life is different when you're truly and honestly invested in it, at least IME.

I suspect your sense of humor (or at least your sense of the macabre as it relates to children) will begin to return when A. is 13 or so and knows everything in the world and is happy to tell you so and you are thinking about devising new and astonishingly painful ways to stop his mouth and wipe that sullen-yet-superior look off of his impudent little face.

(Ah, the teen years - says Ted, having just returned from a weekend with his 13-year-old nephew-like-object)

Actually it starts a lot sooner than the teens... there are many times that I want to strangle my 11 year old and she's even fairly well behaved.

Yes, it certainly starts earlier -- about 9 for boys in our culture it would seem, and it just keeps simmering. And make no mistake -- D. is actually a charming and thoughtful child with a heart of gold. But the hormones and process of individuation can alter his behavior to a point which may yet prove lethal to the little twerp. ;-)

Dude, my daughter is five and she's started that.

Oh, but she's just getting started...

I'll admit I found it disturbing. While I have a son too, it didn't have the same effect it seems to have on you.

In MY case, I'm more worried that a new girl I approach and eventually mention I'm into video games, they might think I'm one of the dis-functional stereotypes in "The Guild", and to ME that is far more disturbing...

To me, I just found the series painful. Again, I admire the work, and I think the red-head is cute, but I know(or did) people like depicted in the series and it reminds me why I ran the other way and perhaps I could have turned out if I made the wrong choice when I was younger...

Maybe you are now more worried because you have a child. I've heard that once you become a pareht, you are hypervigilant for life. I am child-free, so I'm merely repeating what I've been told.


I'm paranoid enough about my own problems; I don't need to bring another life into existence for which I will be responsible for several decades ...

I'm a parent and not generally hyper-vigilant. I do have much less tolerance for maltreatment of children since Pookie was born.

Watching the one character openly maltreat her children in order to play online games was enough to make me stop watching pretty much immediately with no intention of watching it again. IMO, this is the beauty of life; not everyone has my values and sense of humour.

I am also a sample group of one, so take it for what it's worth :-)

Oh, me too. Me too. Although the worst, for me, is a recent spate of shows that have the parent/s dying in front of the kids. It just makes me squirm, probably because my mother died when I was fairly young and I know what it's like to lose a parent. The idea of it happening in front of the kid? Yeek!

Kira is now an official toddler, I think. What with the toddling, tantrums, and talking.

Chemicals are released into the Father's brain when they have children which forces them to completely question their entire world view. It is the presence of these chemicals that will eventually cause you to question the estate tax, doubt government-run health care, be thankful for a greater police presence and start ticking those 'R's off on a ballot.

It's inevitable. Resistance is futile.

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