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Andrei in the office


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health, flu, sick

So Aiden was really sick weds night.

Well my Saturday plans are now shot. The stomach bug that A had Weds has been passed to me as of 3:00 this morning. It's been a very bad night for me.

H & A are still likely off to a g'day for little Alex.

I will be doing the apple juice, saltine, netflix, sleep regimine.

I will be checking AIM and texts all day (while conscious)
Human interaction would be nice. (I may be slow to respond)

If I appear on AIM as offline MSG me anyways. My iPhone AIM sometimes shows me offline even when I am logged in.

Waves and hugs
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Feel better soon, brother.

Oh, poor dear. Be/get well soon.

Get better love!

I'll be on later tonight as we wrap up the unpacking process.

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