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OMFG, Doctor Who

For those that care...

... I've now seen "Turn Left"


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(We missed the 2nd half called Forest of the Dead... watched it on you-tube the other nite and were ... wowed.. Such an amazing series.)


In my opinion Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead are, if not the best episodes of Dr. Who ever then at least near the top. The last episode of the season was pretty good too, but more for the sheer intensity and special efforts.

Also concur (was Re: concur)

I also think that the Library stories are among the best of the 4 series to date. And probably the old series as well. The series is in good hands with Moffit at the helm.

No clue on the final 2 episodes. Ask me again in 2 wks.

That was an amazing episode!

Your going to love the season 2 part ender!!!

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