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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Not that I'm expecting many (any) responses...

Do you use Twitter? When and How? I guess I should ask your ID if you are on it.

Just curious.

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I use it sometimes when I want to text LJ entries from my phone. I'm ravien on there (like everything else)

Um, no, not really. I signed up for it a while back, have only friended (whatever'd) one person, and then turned it off when I went on some outta town trip months ago w/out ever turning it back on or really remember 'til now that I have it, 'cause I don't use it. I do, however, quite like the daily LJ posts a couple of my friends have which post their daily Twitters. Oh, I think I'm mlerules there, too, as elsewhere.

Edited at 2008-07-15 06:48 am (UTC)

I use it... to keep track of people as well as to keep an eye on that pesky Mars lander... gotta keep it out of trouble.

My girlfriend worked on that project till recently - I'd love to follow the twitter if there is one....

just a friend of a friend -

of a friend, I think.
Anyway, I find twitter interesting. Habla usted español? Me deja conseguir en twitter?


Re: just a friend of a friend -

Nope, I don't speak Spanish, sorry!

Je parle un peu de francais....

Re: just a friend of a friend -

Moi aussi! Sacre bleu!

jagienka23 on there. it was useful for me when i was traveling to just text short updates instead of spamming my lj with fifty updates a day.

i think it's a love/hate thing for some people.

I use it occasionally for one-liner updates. They end up in my insane journal eventually, so it's kind of like journaling as I go along instead of all in one fell swoop. I also use it to respond to other people's entries. Username chickgonebad.


I started it in a slow week at work and found friends I can't find anywhere else (one who just moved to England and doesn't use lj, for instance). Same reason I got hooked on myspace. But like myspace I"m not devoted. I probably twitter once a day but I'm sure it will go down.

I'm on twitter...firstnamelastname. Tough, eh?

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