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OMFG, Doctor Who

PSA: No Spoiler Zone

I have enabled a new personal filter called: antiDoctor

This filter is everything in my subscription list except
I realize the 4th series has completed in UK. I realize that most of my Stateside friends have downloaded it and watched it.

The family is watching it on Fridays as it airs on the Sci-Fi channel. (You can't get captioning on YouTube or less-than-legal downloads)

So, please do me the honour of not spilling the beans to me until the show has run its course on Sci-Fi.

Actually, it's been made clear to me that I must truly suffer. The finale runs on Friday August 1. I will be out of town that weekend and will not be able to see the episode until I return late on the 4th.

So, if you see me that weekend... Don't ask. I'll be stewing in my own Gallifreyan blood.

Thank you for your understanding.

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:) Stewing in your own Gallifreyan blood, huh?

not to worry here - no spoilers coming from she who has seen naught but one episode of season 2. :)

We must watch more...

And we both should get some sleep :)

Re: We must watch more...

sleep ... such a lovely idea in theory. in reality ... so awake. bleh.

Re: We must watch more...

Yeah-me too.

Oh well. I only have to be at work in less than seven hours.

(Deleted comment)

Re: We must watch more...

I'm in something of a sleepy-yet-somehow-functioning state myself.

But we get our keys today so that gives me something to be perky about :-)

Re: We must watch more...

Very cool! That is exciting.

Re: We must watch more...

*bouncy bouncy bouncy*

Out of town again? Where to?

We are recent arrivals to the Whoniverse and are still working through series 2. We just introduced our friend to Torchwood last night, so now we have to avoid both external and internal spoilage.

I want to know what my flist is ranting about and I don't even have a target date! ::wails, rends clothing, etc::

i'll take less than legal downloads over sci-fi's edited versions.

they cut bits out of all the episodes to fit in more commercials. last season finale they cut 10 minutes out because it was an extra long 52 minute episode, and this one was 63 minutes, so it may be double extra butchered

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