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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

One man's journey from infinity to nothingness

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Andrei in the office

Big survey thingee

Lifted from a post by plantyhamchuk

*name- G. "Andrei" Tapolow
*sex- FBOW: Male.
*dob- 04/03 (Just like Brando and Eddie Murphy)
*location- Los Angeles
*siblings- blood? 1 sister; otherwise? too convoluted
*flirty- Probably too much
*shoe size- 7.5-8 (When I opt to wear shoes)
*hair color- black
*first crush- Amy... She was a gymnist.
*boyfriend/girlfriend now: N.
*crush- Y. But not a good idea to pursue.... at all
*color of your room- Apartment Building white
*righty or lefty- righty
*hobbies- Far More than 150
*sign- Aries

Them/theirs/hers refers to that which appeals to me; not any one person in particular.

*underwear?- Mine? calvin Klein, black biker like tightboxers. (I blame my most recent ex for this); theirs? What they will
*long/short hair- Long.... always long
*tall or short- Me? Avg, them? Short
*slim/muscular arms- Me? Working on it... Her?either
*good/bad girl- Her? Should be able to take requests.
*ears pierced, or not?- Me? haven't found a reason. Her?whatever
*tan or fair- Pale... tends to be pale
*freckles or none- Me... Few Her? Not too many
*shaven?- Me... Goatee; Her.. I'm embarassed to admit I prefer shaven
*accent or american- Gods! Accent! Accent! Accent!.
*would you ever go out with someone whos ugly?- sigh.
*punk or prep- Depends on my mood

On preferences....
*cuddle or make out- Both.
*chocolate milk, or hot chocolate- no, no, no... those were the old days. No milk now.
*mcdonalds or burger king?-Either. Though my diet tries to keep me away from both.
*coke or pepsi- Coke!
*would you wanna marry your best friend, or the perfect lover- Hopefully that is one and the same
*root beer, or dr pepper- Deep!!!!
*tea/coffee/cappuccino- tea!, only tea, and always tea
*cats or dogs- Cats!
*mud or jello wrestling- Ick.. Hate getting icky
*milk, dark, or white chocolate?-Grrrrr! Says the L.I. one
*sunny or rainy- I'm in L.A. now. I'm starting to really miss rain
*winter, summer, fall, or spring- Spring. When that first cool soft breeze makes your wind breaker flutter like a cape
*vanilla or chocolate- Vanilla in flavour, not in attitude
*skiing or boarding- raised Jewish. There are laws against me being able to do either
*biking or blading- Biking, but I'd love to try blading.
*cereal or toast- Nah
*do ya like rock, punk, rap, r and b, alternative, techno, pop, or
country- Yes, some, enh, some, umm, Yeh, Whee, NEVER
*bunk or water bed- Water bed.
*lights on or off- whatever is more apprpriate (and often entertaining)

*My friends- The closer ones are fewer than I thought. But stronger than I understood
*Friends that you look like- No one, really.
*You go to for advice- Jenn, Joy, Ko, And oddly "planty" though I barely know her.
*Who do you tell all ur secrets too?- More and more? the populace of LJ

your favorites
*color- blue
*movie- fight club, matrix.
*subject- See hobbies
*song- too many (Maybe ICHB)
*sport to play- football
*sport to watch- Football. Some winter Olympic sports, Gymnastics
*favorite drink- tea.
*truth or dare-Bring it.
*ocean or pool- both
*love or lust- Both.
*silver or gold- Gold.
*diamonds or pearls- Pearls.
*sunset or sunrise- both
*showers or bubble baths- both
misc. questions

*do you like school- "never let school get in the way of a good education" - twain
*do you like to talk on the phone- Depends on the person
*do ya have your own phone line- Y
*can we have your number- FN!
*do you like to dance- Yes
*are you scared to ask out your crush- No, not appropriate. And been turned down already
*do you think cheering is a sport- anything can be a sport

1: Been kissed?
2: Done drugs?
3: Eaten an entire box of Oreos?
***Eventually, yes.
4: Been on stage?
5: Dumped someone else?
6: Gotten in a car accident?
7: Watched "Punky Brewster"?
**unfortunately, and the stupid cartoon with Glomer.
8: Been in love?
9: Shampoo:
**Suave, but I use maxim
10: Toothpaste:
**Something with Baking soda
11: Soap:
12: Type of soup:
**chicken with stuff or Wedding... also Wonton
13: Room in your house:
**I need a bigger place
14: Instrument:

15: Coffee or hot chocolate?
16: Big or little?
17: Lace or satin?
18: New or old?
19: Neve Campbell or Jennifer Love Hewitt?
20: Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt?
**tired of both
21: Vogue or Material Girl?
22: Jeans or cords?
23: Sweater or sweatshirt?
24: T shirt or tank top?
25: Skirt or dress?
**Her: Skirt
26: Wool or cotton?
27: Rose or Lily?
28: The way it is or the way it was?
**The way it could be.
29: Oldies or pop?
30: Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
**N. Stop rubbing it in
31: Do you have a best friend?
**I have several very, very good frineds that I don't need to rank

In the last 24 hours, have you...
32: Cried?
**Already commented on.
33: Helped someone?
34: Bought something?
35: Gotten sick?
**happily, no
36: Gone to the movies?
**Yes :-(
37: Gone out for dinner?
**not really
38: Said "I love you"?
**In the last 24 hours. Hah no.
39: Written a real letter?
40: Moved on?
41: Talked to an ex?
42: Missed an ex?
43: Written in a journal?
44: Talked to someone you have a crush on?
**Yes, but not commenting on it.
45: Had a serious talk?
**With the crush? No, in general? I guess
46: Missed someone?
47: Hugged someone?
48: Fought with your parents?
49: Fought with a friend?

Do you.....
50: Wear eye shadow?
51: Put on a "front"?
**All the time I fear
52: Kiss on the first date?
**Have gone 'all the way' on the first date. Jury still out on that
53: Have a crush on someone?
**Leave it alone
54: Eat with your mouth open?
55: If you got a tattoo, where would you get it, and what would be?
**I have yet to find any thing compelling to mark my body with for a long time
56: What color is your floor/carpet in your room?
**Apartment building Cream with an indian rug on it.
57: What was the last CD you bought?
**The wrong version of Les Mis.
58: How did you spend last summer?
**I had a Harem for a week
59: When's the last time you showered?
**This morning
60: Are you tired?
**Sadly no
61: Are you lonely?
**Sadly, yes
62: Are you happy?
**Trying to be.
63: Are you wearing pajamas?
**N. Still in work clothes
64: Are you talking to someone online?
65: What are the initials of your crush/interest/spouse?
**I'd really rather not go into it
66: What is your astrological sign?
67: What is the sign of your crush/interest/spouse?
**You know...just ask. I still won't tell you
68: What time is it?
69: Why can't we just tell a person we like them and have them want to be with us?
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58: How did you spend last summer?
**I had a Harem for a week

hehehe.. that's cute ;)

It was one of the bast vacations ever. I went to Pennsic War and had about 6 lond time female friends who spent most of war accompanying me. I was rarely seen without at least two of them. Mostly platonic relationships and good to have the friendly companionship.

Of course sitting in a tent with a bunch of strangers telling stories and singing badic songs while three female friends are collaborating to rub your back can be a wonderful ego tweak. Especially with the 18 year old boy sitting next to you with a hungry look of admiration that reads as, "Can I be you one day."

The smile comes to the face... Yes, because I was you 16 years ago; sitting right there. And the illusion passes on.

Life can be very nice at times

Hey, maybe you can fill in for Hef when he dies ;)

vanilla or chocolate- Vanilla in flavour, not in attitude

*heh* I just find that funny.... dont ask... cant explain.

52: Kiss on the first date?
**Have gone 'all the way' on the first date. Jury still out on that


On sex and the first date; a clarigication

With more than one person in my history I have slept with them within the first 24 hours of meeting them. I am very liberal and open about sexuallity. Some people think this is fine and okay while others take great offense at it. Personally, I'm in a period of self examination to decide if it is okay with me or not. How to deal with it in others and how to react.

The comments made have nothing to do with anyone I have or haven't slept with,

Re: On sex and the first date; a clarigication

I didnt say it did... I just didnt realize you were seeing if it was okay with you or not... im sorry... maybe you took it the wrong way... :o( I was just... oh nevermind... *digs hole deeper*

Re: On sex and the first date; a clarigication

*LOL* I see no hole

Re: On sex and the first date; a clarigication

*heh* okay no hole digging today...

11: Soap:

should read: Joy's fabulous homeade soap!


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