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Kill Kill Kill, Die Die Die

BAD DAY! Blues Song: Uranus Retrograde: F'ing Seahawks Fans

So, lets skip over the fact that Verizon turned off my INternet at home with no warning.
Let's skip over the fact that I spent the better part of 8 hours on the phone playing tag and getting rudely chewed out by a tech support ass.

No.. Then, as H is on the way to pick up A at daycare... Some moron runs a red light and rearends her into the next car.

My second car in Washington has been totaled and yet another Steelers bumper sticker is toast.

This is a bad day!

H is shaken but 'for the most part' undamaged. (Bumps, bruises... We'll know more after we get to a doctor)

More once everything plays out.

Very not pleased today

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Oh shit! :( :(

*hugs* to you both and good energy out your way. Omgs. I assume the other guy's insrance is going to cough up everything?

By the time their insurance is done coughing the medical profession will be convinced that consumption is an active disease again.

Oh No! I'm so glad she's okay...

oh wow - I hope everyone/thing turns out okay. Seriously.

Uncharacteristically, I woke up with uneasy dreams today and found myself in a cranky mood. Unfamiliar with the Uranus retrograde, but BAH.

Ack! Sending positive energy your way

glad no precious cargo was totalled

what she said. scary! Hope things check out with the doc.

Glad H is ok!

What is it with you guys and cars?

Huggggggs and better wishes to you all.

Thank gods H is safe.

Better energy to us all.

glad to hear that all are okay, and it seems with the weather getting warmer, more morons are on the streets. energy and hugs sent your way, and isn't that what you get for putting a Steelers sticker on it? Almost as bad as an Oakland Raider sticker, isn't it? sorry, Seahawk fan all the way!

Oh, god almighty. That sucks, and I'm sorry, and I hope everyone really is okay.

So sorry to hear 'bout this. *hugs*

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